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Why Choose RAMS?

RAMS is fully digital rack management software that allows you to monitor the safety of your racks anytime, anywhere. It provides you with a real-time tracking and monitoring portal for your pallet racking inspections, damage, or repairs and easily and efficiently optimizes the overall safety of your warehouse. It gives you the control, visibility, reporting, and traceability you need to keep your warehouse safe.


Key Features Of Our Warehouse Racking System

Maximize your warehouse rack management system operations efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase employee safety with the RAMS platform.

Digitize your Warehouse

Get rid of the paperwork and all its hassle. RAMS allows you to digitize your pallet racking system.


Track down the issue to its exact location to analyze and rectify the issue at the earliest.

Real-Time Impact Detection

Get a prompt notification if an external impact has damaged any part of your rack system.

Expert Third Party Inspection

Invite certified experts to your warehouse to examine the internal audits and conduct an external inspection.

Rack Health

Color codes reflect the severity of Rack Health, which is calculated by considering the issues detected during the racking inspections.

Multiple Warehouse

The RAMS system makes managing single-site and multi-site warehouse infrastructure accessible.

Automated Reports

RAMS provides real-time reports to ensure your warehouse racking complies and maintains maximum safety.

Cost Savings

Potential for a significant reduction in maintenance costs of your racking infrastructure.

Employ the Next-Generation Rack-Safety Tool


Benefits of RAMS Software

Warehouse Intelligence For The Digital Age

RAMS provides a complete view of your warehouse estate, enabling you to save time and money and improve rack safety. Leveraging real-time information from a central cloud interface makes RAMS a truly revolutionary portal for managing your warehouses.

Real-time Dashboard

Get a Real-time admin dashboard to maintain your rack safety and monitor all your warehouse operations all in one place.

Employ Advanced Safety

This Safety Management portal doesn't neglect even the smallest pallet racking issue, which ultimately aids in your personnel' attaining the highest level of rack health.


Advanced Features

Some of our most cutting-edge, NEXT-GENERATION features for the most immersive and efficient experience.


Go Offline

Don't worry about network connectivity issues in the warehouse. With RAMS, you can control offline management of all the tasks, including data collection and inspections.


True-Scale Blueprint

Get a true-to-scale picture of your warehouse layout and racking system in the software to reduce errors.


Customized Checklist

Customise your checklist and pallet rack elements to best fit your team. The easiest way to manage your inspections and tasks.


FEM 3D Representation

To perform additional structural analysis, get an automatically generated model of your pallet rack systems in .std format.

Quick Software Overview

Employing intelligent automation to enable you to take charge of your operations and keep track of your pallet racking inspections.

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Warehouse Management

Pallet Rack Inspection

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