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Safe, Seamless, and Efficient warehouse operations with RAMS

Because we understand how important Rack-Safety is to you as a business owner, we take great pride in putting your needs at the forefront. We will be with you right from the onboarding up until you achieve the optimum Rack-Health for your warehouse.

Warehouse Setup

Warehouse Management

Pallet Rack Inspection

Warehouse Setup Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

We offer the most interactive dashboard, giving you access to the captain's cabin where you can manage several rack setups simultaneously while keeping an eye on project progress and real-time analysis of your rack setup data.

 Warehouse Racking System Project Management RAMS

Project Management

This project management portal allows you to create multiple projects simultaneously and track their progress in real-time. You can also create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress on each project. Our real-time progress tracking feature ensures that you always have an up-to-date view of what's happening in your warehouse.

Racking Systems Layout For Warehouses

Warehouse Layout Setup

With the help of RAMS, you can create detailed digital layouts of your warehouse racking, including accurate measurements and labels. This makes it easy to understand and ensure that your racking system is optimized for maximum efficiency. Additionally, you can use the digital layouts to plan and execute the assembly of your racking system, ensuring that it is properly and safely installed.

 RAMS Warehouse Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking System Setup

Our software allows you to create an accurate, detailed, and true-to-scale digital model of your entire racking system. This makes it easy to identify and detect issues to its exact location while inspecting to ensure that your racking system is safe and in compliance.

 Racking For Warehouse RAMS Master Layout

Final Step to complete Master Layout

At the end, you will get a master layout containing all the components of your racking system right in one place for you to track the issue to its exact location so that you can take prompt action to address the issues, and prevent damage to your racking system.

Key Features Of Our Warehouse Racking System

Maximize your warehouse rack management system operations efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase employee safety with the RAMS platform.

Digitize your Warehouse

Get rid of the paperwork and all its hassle. RAMS allows you to digitize your pallet racking system.


Track down the issue to its exact location to analyze and rectify the issue at the earliest.

Real-Time Impact Detection

Get a prompt notification if an external impact has damaged any part of your rack system.

Expert Third Party Inspection

Invite certified experts to your warehouse to examine the internal audits and conduct an external inspection.

Rack Health

Color codes reflect the severity of Rack Health, which is calculated by considering the issues detected during the racking inspections.

Multiple Warehouse

The RAMS system makes managing single-site and multi-site warehouse infrastructure accessible.

Automated Reports

RAMS provides real-time reports to ensure your warehouse racking complies and maintains maximum safety.

Cost Savings

Potential for a significant reduction in maintenance costs of your racking infrastructure.

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